Our latest travels: Peru, South America

Tara Gum

The product is native of Peru and Ecuador areas. We went to visit the factory where the gum is processed. The site is well set up and have a export experience. The facilities are to European standards.

Tara is "as someone put it" the Carob of the mediterrean as Guar is the Carob of Asia. Similar to Carob, the Tara Tree gives a small seed which is crushed to obtain the gum. Tara grows in the Ecuador/Peru area in South America. It is a hydrocolloid of high molecular weight mainly consisted of galactose and mannose units combined by glycoside links (galactomanns). Tara is slowly entering the European markets and it is not as expensive as Carob.

Destination Machu Pichu.

Machu Pichu... One of the wonders of the world!

We stayed in Cuzco, a colonial town with good restaurants and shows. Next day, we left at 8am to take the 3 hour train journey to Aguas Calientes. We finally reached Machu Pichu. what a sight! The view and the feeling were magnificent! The guide carefully described their traditions and various parts of the ancient site. The highlight was the meeting room with various stone wall cavities in which the speaker’s voice would transfer through the walls for everyone to hear.

Next destination: Indonesia!

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